NEW! A CASE OF BLACKMAIL IN BELGRAVIA (A Freddy Pilkington-Soames Adventure)

Blackmail in belgravia coverIt’s 1929, and Ticky Maltravers is the toast of London high society, adored by everyone—or so it seems, until somebody poisons him over dinner. Now it turns out that numerous people with secrets to hide had every reason to wish him dead. But which of them murdered him? For Freddy Pilkington-Soames, newspaper reporter and man-about-town, the question hits a little too close to home, thanks to an unfortunate drunken encounter with Ticky’s corpse which he’d much rather the police didn’t find out about—and thanks also to his exasperating mother Cynthia’s seeming determination to get herself arrested by tampering with the evidence. But a pretty girl with big blue eyes is demanding his help in solving the mystery, so what can he do but agree? Now all he has to do is hide the wrong clues, find the right ones, and unmask the murderer before the police discover what’s really been going on. That ought to be easy enough. If only people didn’t keep getting killed…

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So here it is, my little side project! If you like gentle romantic suspense with a touch of mystery, why not try The Mercer’s House, by Antonia Frost? In the meantime, the first book in the Freddy series is well under way, and due for release in September. I’ll be announcing the title shortly, so look out for that too.

The Mercer's House


On the windswept Northumberland coast stands the Mercer’s House, thought to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who in earlier times died a violent and tragic death at the hands of her husband. Now it holds the key to the mystery of Helen Devereux, who disappeared with her young son twenty-five years ago and was never seen again. In the intervening years the Devereux family have done their best to come to terms with their loss, but their fragile peace is shattered when Zanna Chambers arrives at the Mercer’s House in search of her Aunt Helen, after a promise made to her father.

Zanna is recovering from a battle with her own demons, but her search brings them back more terrifyingly than ever when she starts to receive mysterious communications, seemingly from Helen herself. But are the messages real or imagined? Confused as to her own sanity, and unexpectedly attracted to the Devereux brother who was left behind, Zanna must decide whether to flee back to the safety of her old life, or continue the search for Helen and strike out into the frightening unknown.

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