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  1. I have just found your books and I LOVE THEM! So witty and fun and so well written. I feel like I am there and just love the characters. Keep writing, you are so talented.

  2. Well, I’ve just finished the last book, which of course I enjoyed, but also with a little sadness that it’s the last.
    I see my suspicions were correct!
    I am of course looking forward to the Freddie books, but perhaps Angela might make the odd appearance?
    Or even better some new adventures in America for Angela, aided and abetted by Barbara with perhaps you know who!

  3. Yvette Recktenwald

    I just finished the tenth book, and was glad to have my suspicions confirmed as to their current origin. I would enjoy knowing the name of the author so I could track down her (just another suspicion) other work.

    Looking forward to more books with Freddie (and Barbara, I hope).

  4. I too wish that there would be more Angela, Edgar, and Barbara books and some adventures in America. Please do not abandon them – write more books about Angela and her detective works.

    I look forward to Freddie books as well.

  5. Just finished the 10th book and enjoyed it as much as the previous 9. Like many readers, I have been hit with the more modern phrases and overall tone of a more recent manuscript. However, the plot, character development and general good writing far outweighs any irritation at those brief moments. I look forward to the new series and hope that Angela will pop up now and again. After all, they ARE friends.

  6. I’ve read all 10 of Angela’s mysteries and loved them. Can’t wait for Freddie’s. Hopefully he’ll keep the readers apprised with updates about Angela and company.

  7. I have thoroughly enjoyed this engaging series, though like others I suspected the stories to have been written more recently than claimed.

    Delighted to hear that Freddie will be getting his own series, but oh! How I’m going to miss Angela.

    Well done, Ms Benson, whoever you are.

  8. I have read all 10 Angela Marchmont mysteries. I have enjoyed them all. I love the mystery of who the “real” author is and also believe he or she is an American or has lived in America. There were times I wondered about when the books were written because there would be more modern phrase or rythym to a sentence but it didn’t matter. The books were engaging and enjoyable. I will miss Angela, Edgar and Barbara and I hope the author will reconsider and keep the story going. Love the idea of Freddie and can’t wait to see what he does. Maybe we’ll get some info on Angela et al but it won’t be quite the same!

  9. I just finished The Shadow at Greystone Chase as well and I will miss Angela Marchmont although I look forward to a continuation of the series with Freddie as the protagonist. I also was convinced from about the second book that the writer was a contemporary (of the readers), not because of physical anachronisms but because the general tone and characterizations were decidedly modern. It’s one of the beauties of the series which is very well written and original. I’d like to make another guess, though. I think the author is American. I suspect that Golden Age mysteries are more popular in the US these days than they are in England and I’ll bet most of “Clara Benson’s” readership is here as well.

  10. I have enjoyed this series …… and happily accepted it all at face value …. why should I question such authentic writing? The footnote to “Shadow” caught me by surprise but, no hard feelings! I shall look forward to hearing more of Freddie and, maybe, the odd, oblique reference to Angela et al.

  11. I just finished the latest book by Clara Benson – THE SHADOW AT GREYSTONE CHASE. Wow, it was as good as all the previous books. I have read mostly Victorian up to 1950’s mysteries and these are as good as any in my opinion. In future books I would love to see more of Barbara. She is a spitfire, full of energy, highly intelligent, would love to see her become another Angela Marchmont. I look forward to the next Clara Benson book, they can’t come too fast for me. I devour them as soon as I get one; and will re-read them as time goes by.

  12. I too have really enjoyed all the Angela Marchmont books and don’t give a fig about when they were written or by whom. They have just been great fun. I look forward to stories with Freddie but would nonetheless hope that Angela and Edgar will not entirely disappear from the books. I have grown to enjoy their company. So thank you to the author whoever you are. ?

    1. Elaine, my thoughts exactly. In fact, I’m glad Ms Benson is still writing, I expected the old manuscripts to run out some day. The characters are just wonderful, so real I never fail to see them clearly in my head. Freddie is a great character, but I hope we see Angela and Edgar (and Barbara who has her mother’s DNA for detecting in my opinion). Always looking forward to the next book.

  13. Have finished the first ten and the author’s comment at the end. Love these stories, and A. Marchmont is an exceptionally well developed character, not always so in stories from the twenties and thirties.. one really cares about her. One understands her moral dilemmas, and applauds her persistence. And, really, there must be a follow-up to Number Ten, even if only in Freddie’s stories. The other character I really want to know more about is the precocious and enchanting Barbara.

  14. Hi – I am thoroughly enjoying this series of books (as with many others, I do not believe them to be written in the 1920’s, but who cares ?!!)
    My question is – are they available to buy as large print, paper editions? I’m sure my 91 year old grandad would devour them as I am doing, but would need large print.

    1. For your grandad, you might just want to get him a kindle from Amazon , load this wonderful series in in order, and show him how to increase the type size to whatever works for him. As e-books, it will be less expensive than print, and give him the flexibility he needs.

  15. I discovered this series by accident, bought the first one on my Kindle and as soon as I had read the first chapter I bought the entire series and have just bought number nine. What a delightful set this is. The writing is excellent, the plots are wonderfully involved and fun to try and guess the culprit and the heroine is a joy. I too hope that there are many, many more to come.

  16. Valerie Kilpatrick

    I am going to wait for the next Angela Marchmont novel as patiently as possible. But I hope the wait is a brief one, with many more to follow!:

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