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Angela Marchmont Mysteries

Excerpt: The Body on Archangel Beach

Excerpt: The Body on Archangel Beach

Book 11

Angela looked again, and what she saw made her turn cold. Jerking sharply away from the rocks she let out a little shriek, and in doing so took in a mouthful of salt water. She coughed and spluttered, but her only thought was to get away from the thing she had seen. She ploughed desperately towards the side of the pool, ignoring the stinging of the salt water in her eyes, grabbed at the ladder thankfully and shot up it onto the flat carved rock, where she stood, white in the face and gasping for air.
Edgar had seen something was wrong. He ran along the side of the pool towards her and thumped her on the back until she got over the coughing fit.
‘What is it?’ he demanded, once she had got her breath back. ‘Are you all right? I’ve never seen you move so fast.’
She raised her eyes to him in horror.
‘There’s something in the sea!’ she exclaimed. ‘Oh Edgar, I think it’s a man!’