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Angela Marchmont Mysteries

The Body on Archangel Beach

The Body on Archangel Beach

Book 11

Not-quite-newlywed Angela Marchmont is having a belated honeymoon on the idyllic Greek island of Rhodes, but has barely even unpacked her bathing-suit before an unwelcome encounter with the dead body of a young archaeologist draws her into a tangled web of murder and blackmail.

Everyone thinks Roy Cavell drowned accidentally, but after receiving a cryptic note under her door Angela isn’t so sure. Cavell had fallen in love with his employer’s beautiful wife Sophia Delisi, leaving a heartbroken fiancée behind him and creating tensions up at the local archaeological dig. Mrs. Delisi is thought to bring bad luck: superstition has it that any man who gets close to her dies. Was Cavell the latest victim of the curse? But then why has someone been searching his luggage? Who is signalling from up at the acropolis? And why is somebody trying to put Angela out of the way?

When a second body turns up Angela becomes even more determined to find out the truth—despite the additional complications of a rival detective she can’t shake off, a would-be blackmailer who knows the secrets of her past life, and a husband she’d trust more if only he didn’t keep disappearing in the middle of the night.

Investigating a murder wasn’t in Angela’s plans, but if she wants to survive her honeymoon she has no choice.

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