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Series Chronology and Reading Order

Story order

The Angela Marchmont Mysteries are standalone mysteries that can be read in any order up to and including Book 8, The Trouble at Wakeley Court, although since there is a low-key story thread running through them, in order to get the best out of them you might prefer to start at Book 1 and work through them numerically.

Angela’s story comes to a head in Books 9 and 10, The Scandal at 23 Mount Street and The Shadow at Greystone Chase, which form a two-part story and should be left until last.

The Freddy Pilkington-Soames Adventures can also be read in any order, although again there is a bit of a story thread in the background (particularly in Books 4 and 7, A Case of Duplicity in Dorset and A Case of Robbery on the Riviera), so you may prefer to read them numerically.

Note that if you’re coming to Freddy first and would like to go on to read the Angela books afterwards, there are major Angela spoilers in A Case of Robbery on the Riviera, in which Angela makes a cameo appearance as Freddy’s sidekick.


The books written so far all take place between Oct 1925 and June 1931. The novels from both series are in chronological order by date of release, but I skipped back and forth in time when writing the Angela short stories. 

Angela’s Christmas Adventure should be read after The Shadow at Greystone Chase, but other than that it won’t spoil your enjoyment of the Angela series to read the short stories whenever you like.

However, if you’re a purist and would like to read them in the order they happened, you can refer to the list below.

Date set                                   Title

Oct 1925                                 The Man on the Train  (short story)

Oct 1926                                 The Murder at Sissingham Hall

March 1927                            A Pinch of Strychnine  (short story)

May 1927                               The Mystery at Underwood House

July 1927                                The Treasure at Poldarrow Point

Sept-Nov 1927                      The Riddle at Gipsy’s Mile

Dec 1927-Jan 1928              The Incident at Fives Castle

Feb 1928                                A Question of Hats  (short story)

May 1928                               The Imbroglio at the Villa Pozzi

June 1928                              The Problem at Two Tithes

Oct 1928                                 The Trouble at Wakeley Court

Nov 1928-Jan 1929              The Scandal at 23 Mount Street

May-July 1929                       The Shadow at Greystone Chase

Christmas 1929                     Angela’s Christmas Adventure  (short story)

Oct 1929                                 A Case of Blackmail in Belgravia

Nov 1929                                A Case of Murder in Mayfair

Jan-Feb 1930                        A Case of Conspiracy in Clerkenwell

April 1930                              A Case of Duplicity in Dorset

June-Aug 1930                     A Case of Suicide in St. James’s

Sept 1930                              A Case of Robbery on the Riviera

Oct-Nov 1930                        A Case of Perplexity in Piccadilly

June 1931                              The Body on Archangel Beach



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