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Our survey said...

...yes! Thank you to everyone who took the time to reply to my question about whether or not I should write some more Angela books. Not entirely surprisingly, the answer was a fairly overwhelming 'yes.' I had some lovely comments, and it's gratifying to know Angela has touched so many of you, which is not something I ever dreamed would happen when I…

What's next for Angela?

**Spoilers herein** I get quite a few emails asking me whether I'm planning to bring Angela back. For the time-pressed among you, the short answer is: possibly. A longer answer is below, but first I should explain why I ended the series in the first place. From almost the very beginning of the Angela Marchmont series I'd had an idea…

A happy new year to you all!

Is it 2021 already? It seems but moments since last January, and the pleasurable anticipation of what unexpected adventures lay ahead of us in 2020. Ahem.  Anyway, I was all set to email with my usual gloriously unrealistic publishing schedule, when Those Who Must Be Obeyed threw a spanner in the works by closing all the schools again. So, with two children at…

October update

So what am I up to at the moment, you're no doubt asking. Or you might not be, but I'll give you a quick update anyway. Once again, I've found myself in the position of working on three books at once purely because I love to make things hard for myself. I'm going through edits for the first of my…

Interview with Mystery and Thriller Week 2019

Here's an interview I did for Mystery and Thriller Week 2019, which gives a bit more insight into the Angela and Freddy books.

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