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What's next for Angela?

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I think Angela still has some life in her, perhaps with the horses in NY and/or her daughter growing up. Freddy matured nicely!

Bruce Simpson

I know its a step back (hope I haven’t missed something) but I for one would be interested to know more about Angela’s work for Intelligence during the war (I believe only hinted at in current books). If that doesn’t tickle you I’m sure Barbara could lead her new parents into a fascinating tale or two, hopefully in a new European (or South American ?)setting. These characters are far too great to abandon!

Dianna Stephis

I loved the Angela Marchmont series and would love to read more of her adventures after her marriage. Also love the Freddy Pingington-Soames series. Sorry if I misspelled. Please keep that one goin too. Great story telling and characters in both series.


So, this post is a bit older but since I just binged both Angela and Freddy’s collection of adventures, this every question is definitely one I was pondering. And I think that, as with real life, just because one chapter ends, that doesn’t mean the story does. I’m fully in favor of not flogging dead or dying horses (think pretty much any popular CBS show) but there’s middle ground between that and retiring a character just to avoid the possibility of wearing out their welcome. An example that comes readily to mind right now is that of Lawrence Block because… Read more »

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