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A happy new year to you all!

Is it 2021 already? It seems but moments since last January, and the pleasurable anticipation of what unexpected adventures lay ahead of us in 2020. Ahem.  Anyway, I was all set to email with my usual gloriously unrealistic publishing schedule, when Those Who Must Be Obeyed threw a spanner in the works by closing all the schools again. So, with two children at…

Happy new year!

Since this is the day we traditionally make resolutions for the year to come, I thought I’d let you know what I’m hoping to get done on the writing front in 2019. No promises, just good intentions, but I will do my best. ? 1. First, I realise I’ve been sadly remiss with the actual writing recently, for various reasons, but…

Season's greetings!

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm as ready for Christmas as I'll ever be - which is to say, not very, but we have plenty of food and drink in so I'm sure we'll muddle through somehow. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I wish you a happy and peaceful festive season, and I'll be back in the…

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