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A happy new year to you all!

Is it 2021 already? It seems but moments since last January, and the pleasurable anticipation of what unexpected adventures lay ahead of us in 2020. Ahem. 

Anyway, I was all set to email with my usual gloriously unrealistic publishing schedule, when Those Who Must Be Obeyed threw a spanner in the works by closing all the schools again. So, with two children at home for the foreseeable future, I’ll let you know my priorities for the year instead. Who knows whether they’ll get written, but I will do my very best.

First up is to continue with the Freddy series, starting with the book I abandoned in favour of Robbery on the Riviera (which I hope you enjoyed, incidentally). Book 7 is provisionally entitled A Case of Perplexity in Piccadilly, and I will keep you updated on its progress. 

As things stand, anything on top of that will be a bonus, but there are various possibilities, including another Freddy, a short story or two (I have a possible Angela in mind), and a historical romantic suspense I got a third of the way through but never finished. I also have the germ of an idea for another light-hearted mystery series, again set in the 1920s, but with a completely different set of characters, and I’m going to give that a bit of thought. 

Again, it will all depend on how much work I can get done, and I don’t like to make any promises, but I’ll see what I can do. (Incidentally, I’d be interested to hear which of the ideas above you like the sound of most, so do drop me a line if you have strong feelings on the subject!)

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It’s great to hear another Freddy, preferably including Angela, book is planned (it would be good to continue to follow Angela and Edgar’s story now they are finally married!)

Please do make future books the longer versions, short stories are just not the same…

Good luck with the home schooling and looking forward to reading the next instalment!

Jackie W

Would so love more Angela and Freddie and on audible too please.

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