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Just a snippet


So I’m experimenting with posting to my blog and then automatically cross-posting it to Facebook. We’re still in the trial stages and I may well abandon the experiment if it causes me to tear my hair out (if I do we’ll just pretend it never happened). Anyway, just to make it worth your while here is a very short unedited snippet of Freddy in conversation with an old friend you may remember from the Angela books:

‘I think you must be speaking Norwegian, because I didn’t understand a word of that,’ said Freddy. ‘Have you been getting engaged again? How many times is that now? The Clarion gives discounts for multiple advertisements, you know.’
‘Don’t be impudent,’ said Gertie. ‘This is only the fourth—well, that’s not counting Johnny Peverell, but there wasn’t time for an engagement as such there, so I suppose you’d call that one an elopement, and Father had it annulled anyway, which was all for the best I dare say, even if he was quite astonishingly good-looking, as he really didn’t know how to hold his fork properly and his vowels were frankly appalling.’
‘Johnny Peverell? The racing-driver? Why didn’t I know about that?’
‘It was quite the least interesting thing I did last year,’ said Gertie airily.


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