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October update

So what am I up to at the moment, you’re no doubt asking. Or you might not be, but I’ll give you a quick update anyway. Once again, I’ve found myself in the position of working on three books at once purely because I love to make things hard for myself. I’m going through edits for the first of my historical novels for Bookouture, which is set in Paris and Hertfordshire during and just after WW2 (check out these Pinterest boards, which contain a few photos I’ve collected for the books). I’m also writing the second book, which is set in Florence in a similar period, and which gives me a great excuse to spend all morning looking at Google Streetview images of Italy. Then of course the third project is the next Freddy book, which is still in the early stages. I have no date for that yet but I will keep you informed as soon as I figure out what I’m doing. Overcommitted, you say? Nonsense.

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Love the Freddy books!!! So happy to hear there is another in the works.


Can’t wait for Freddy!!

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